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Welcome to Major Coaching where we help you find the missing piece of the puzzle. Let’s tell you a little more about us as a business and share a bit about our founder. We hope to see you in a session soon.

What We Do At a Glance

Partnership Framework:

  • Assess life challenges and opportunities   
  • Define pathways and aspirations
  • Develop action plans to attain objectives
  • Establish accountability structure
  • Sustain purposeful intentions while honoring and celebrating outcomes

Decisive Major Offerings:

  • Authentic introspection on values, needs, and aspirations for clarification
  • Emotional intelligence, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  • Character development, personality traits, and dynamic life path planning
  • Define and implement personal purposeful paths

Major Coaching Values

“Through heart-centered human connection, Major Coaching pledges guidance and support throughout the life coaching experience. By embarking on the conscientious endeavor of realizingone’s true authentic self in a safe space. Major Coaching is committed to leading and inspiringothers to become more enlightened and aware so that aspirations will not only uncover the trueradiance of one’s being but invoke purposeful transformations regardless of any past or currenttriggers. If you want to operate at a higher frequency and vibration, let’s take that journeytogether and co-create balance in all areas of your life!”

About The Founder

I am Delana Major, a certified Self-Love/Life coach. I coach individuals and groups on how to receive and give love, unconditionally, which allows those to achieve an abundance in every aspect of their lives.

Over the years, like most, if not all, I have experienced crippling grief and depression. So I understand that it is most important for me to create a safe environment for all of my clients to be heard. This is a space to be loved just as you are. By exploring your past and current emotional, spiritual, physical, and logical self, major changes with minor adjustments can be just around the corner for a more balanced, loving, and abundantly successful, future self!

Being an Empath, through my whole life I have been driven to change the world with LOVE! In my earliest years, one of my nicknames, “Mama Lana,” was echoed constantly among all walks of life with no judgments.

I am a mother of two amazing boys that have received an abundance of love and a firm no-nonsense parenting style. As an optimistic Sagittarius, I see life as one big adventure of love! And the love you give to yourself is the most important! It will dictate how you give love to others and how you receive love from those who care about you. The archer is also very realistic and honest about all aspects of oneself.


Not everything is a beautiful sunset over a beach. Challenges arise, and they are simply an obstacle to overcome, nothing more. With love, support and kindness we can handle challenges and change the world one soul at a time. To begin the voyage, I offer my energetic healing powers to those who are ready!

I believe that everyone deserves to love and be loved, as love is the highest achievable level of balance, and it all starts with self. I use the gifts bestowed upon me from Spirit to empower others to harness and achieve balance in every aspect of their lives and interpersonal connections! You can expect me to support you in the healing process as you move to the evolving process.

There are two courses of action: fix it or remove it. If you are ready to ignite your authentic self, discern meaningful actions, and attain impactful outcomes then join our Meet and Vibe session.

Stand Tall and Strong

Today, I choose to remain positive. I face all of my challenges with strength and courage. I will not be denied or turned away. I do not allow myself to be carried away by negative thoughts. I stand tall and strong and live each moment in joy and peace, leaving my future in God’s hands. I believe in life because life believes in me!

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